Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Why are there different prices for leaders camping with girls (non-participants) and staff?

We appreciate that for many of the leaders attending they will be giving up a week of holiday and arranging child care so that they can come to camp with their Guides. Thank you for doing this - we hope the camp will be an amazing experience for the Guides

There is a price difference because if you are coming to camp with your girls we will expect you to accompany your girls to their activities but you may well have some free time during the week if you are not needed at a particular activity. Staff (including senior section who are on the staff team) will be busy during the whole camp and may be working shifts during the week - like helping to serve breakfast.

Why is there no option for senior section to come as participants?

This camp is for guides only (girls aged 10 - 14). This way we hope to offer them an exciting international experience suitable for their age group.

However we would love to have senior section on camp too - the seniors who come to the camp as staff will have their own subcamp and there will be some things laid on just for them. However, we will be expecting them to help on activity bases, help serve meals or be part of the service crew topping up the toilet rolls!

Can girls take part in the camp if no leader from their unit is able to attend?

Obviously, we'd prefer girls to come in a unit group but we're happy to try to join individual girls (or possibly small groups of girls) up with another group if need be - so please do share the information about the camp with your girls, even if you are unable to attend yourself.

We'd like to invite a unit from another part of the UK or from another country to join us at the camp? Is this ok?

Yes - the camp is open to other units in the UK as well as those from outside the UK.

UK units should be able to get all the information they need (including application forms etc.) from the website when applications are open. If you are keen to camp with a particular unit, please make sure that you flag this up on your application so we can try to allocate you to the same sub-camp.

If you are thinking of inviting international friends, please just double-check with us (by using the web contact form) first. Some countries ask for all invitations to be issued through their national office and we will be able to advise on whether this affects the group you have in mind. It will also help us to keep track of who has been invited, which will help with planning.

I'd like to come and help but I don't want to camp. Is there a possibility of a bed in the house?

The adult fee covers the cost of camping in a tent. There will some (limited) provision (at the same cost) for those adults who are not able to camp in dormitory-style accommodation in the Barn, the Coach house or Princess Margaret Lodge.

We have not booked any rooms in the house this time as experience has shown that the higher cost is off-putting for many people, making them difficult to fill and leaving us with the cost of unfilled rooms to meet from participant camp fees. However, if you are interested in booking a room in the House, you are welcome to contact Foxlease direct to see if they have any availability. If you are coming as a leader with girls we are able to reduce your £100 camp fee to £85. If you are coming as staff we are not able to offer a discount to the £50 charge as this is already being heavily subsidised.

I'd like to come but can't come for the whole week. Do I have to pay the full amount?

There is no reduction in fee for participants and staff who do not attend the full week. We will potentially reduce the fee for leaders if you are not attending the full week but it may not be fully prorated to allow for costs such as t-shirts. Please contact us, using the web Contact Form, if this applies to you.

I would like to bring an international group and have some specific questions is there someone I can contact?

Please use the Contact Us link above to raise your particular enquiry and we will put you in contact with the international team.

Do I need a residental licence to bring my guides to the camp?

No, you do not need any sort of residential qualification / going away with licence - we will ensure that we have the correct licences to cover the whole event.

Can leaders on subcamps use the showers in the house?

There are some showers on the campsites and these will be available to girls and leaders. If a subcamp group would like access to a shower in the main house at Foxlease then they will need to separately book and pay for a room in the house, directly with Foxlease. We know one subcamp did this in 2012 and loved it!

Will there be a kids club?

Yes - We understand that in order to bring your Guides to camp you may need to bring your own children with you too. Therefore there will be a kids club for children of leaders who are not Guides. Please remember you will still need to consider ratios for children of leaders in the overall ratios.

There will be two separate groups at camp:

Children aged 3 - 9. During the morning and afternoon main activity sessions on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday you will be able to drop off your children at the kids club where they will take part in games, crafts and activities. We will be requesting a donation of £2 per kids club session to cover craft materials etc. During the set up and take down day on Saturday and Friday the kids club team will be out and about supporting you as necessary. On Tuesday we are not planning a kids club because the morning will be free time for all guides and the afternoon will be a village fete event which we hope you will be able to enjoy with your children as well as your guides.

Boys aged 10 - 14. During the morning and afternoon main activity sessions on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday we have arranged for a sports leader to run activity sessions for the 10 - 14 year old boys. We will be requesting a donation of £2 per session to cover material costs. On Tuesday we are not planning a kids club because the morning will be free time for all guides and the afternoon will be a village fete event which we hope you will be able to enjoy with your children.

Are there grants available?

Yes - if you are a Hampshire West guide or leader you can apply via your unit for a Hampshire West County Flame Grant with help towards the cost of the camp. The grant information sheet is included in the download section, the application deadline for the county grant is 28 February 2016. There is also a region grant available, details have been in the county enews letter or contact us for the application form the deadline is 31 March 2016. Your division and district may also have grants available. Don't forget that organisations like the local branches of Lions Club and Rotary International sometimes have grants available for personal development. Your guide unit may also do some fundraising to help towards the cost of the camp as well.

If you are not in Hampshire West county your own county or region may have grants available to help those that need help to afford to attend camp.

I'm a unit leader - how do I know which guides have signed up to come to Flame 2016?

We have sent out data as at 19 January 2016 of girls signed up to come to Flame 2016 to each unit. If you would now like an update please contact us and we will provide you with a list of who has signed up now. If you don't get a response within 48 hours please contact us again. We are responding to all contact us items within 48 hours.

What sizes are the t-shirts?

The children's unisex t-shirts are sized as follows:

Age 1-2 Height 92 Chest 18/20
Age 2-3 Height 98 Chest 20/22
Age 3-4 Height 104 Chest 22/24
Age 5-6 Height 116 Chest 26/28
Age 7-8 Height 128 Chest 30
Age 9-11 Height 140 Chest 32
Age 12-14 Height 152 Chest 34
Age 14-15 Height 164 Chest 36
S Chest 35/37
M Chest 38/40
L Chest 41/43
XL Chest 44/46
XXL Chst 47/49
3XL Chest 50/52
4XL Chest 53/55
5XL Chest 56/58

The adults unisex polo shirts are sized as follows:

To fit Chest:
XS Chest 32/24
S Chest 36
M Chest 38/40
L Chest 42
XL Chest 44/46
XXL Chst 48
3XL Chest 50/52
4XL Chest 54
5XL Chest 56/58

How do I pay the camp fees?

When you applied you will have received an email setting out the bank details and address to send cheques along with the reference number to quote. If you do not have this email please contact us to ask us to reissue the email. Please give us your full name and unit if relevant. If you don't receive a response within 48 hours please contact us again. We are responding to all contact us queries we receive within 48 hours. We have not managed to set up a facility for credit / debit card payments so please use your online/telephone banking to pay our bank directly or send us a cheque. You can set up a standing order with your own bank to make the payments to us in stages if you wish. All camp fees are due by 31 May.

Do we need to purchase travel insurance?

You may wish to take out travel insurance separately which may cover you for example for disruption to your travel plans or in case you can not attend the event as a result of a medical emergency. Girlguiding UK does have a recommended insurer.

The deadline for deposits has passed, can I still come to Flame?

We are now closed to all applications except for International Leaders and International Participants. Please sign up and make the deposit and first payment. We will be closing for international participants at the end of May.

How do I pay the 29 February 2016 and 31 May 2016 payment?

Please make payment by bank transfer or cheque using the same details for the deposit payment. The amounts for the 29 February and 31 May payments were set out in the initial email. If you need the initial email reissued please contact us.

My daughter is already at camp as a non participant child but would like to come to Brownie day - how much do I need to pay?

Please ensure the application is done via your brownie unit. The amount to pay is £12.

Are there still spaces on Brownie day?

As at 25 March 2016 - we have now filled all 500 brownie day spaces. We are sorry for any disappointment caused. If you have a brownie who can not come you can still swap for another one but you can not alter the t-shirt size.

Is Brownie day only for Brownie units in Hampshire West?

Brownie day is now full.

We are happy to accept limited applications from brownie units on the edges of Hampshire West or where the leaders are already coming to Flame for the week, but you will need to arrange for your Brownies to get to one of our Hampshire West division pick up points. Please be aware the day will be very long - you will arrive at Foxlease at 9.30am and not leave Foxlease until 8pm so travel time needs to be added on to that.

I haven't had a reply to my query what should I do?

We are responding to queries within about 48 hours so please resend your email if you haven't had a response.

How do I know you have received my payment?

If you would like confirmation we have received your payment please email us. The treasurer may take a few days to put the payment on the system so we may not respond to you immediately to confirm. There are lots of payments being received around 31 May so it will take us some time to log them all. We will then chase any outstanding payments.

I can't get into the My Flame account - what should I do?

If you have entered your details correctly then the system will send you an email. You then click on the link to get into the account. If that doesn't work then please copy and paste the whole link into your web brower (note we can't get it to work on ipads Safari, but it does seem to be ok on iphones). The link will keep working until you generate a new one by entering your details again so there is no need to keep generating them. If you still can't get in please email us for more help.

I can't see the activity choices in the My Flame account

Only participants need to give is their activity preferences - not staff or senior section.

I can't come to Flame - can I get a refund?

Until 30 June 2016 we will refund everything except the initial deposit.

After 30 June 2016 we will not be able to refund you. This is because on 1 July we have to pay our caterers a large payment, we have already ordered the t-shirts and have paid a lot of our activity suppliers and therefore have incurred a lot of the cost of the camp already.

If you have travel insurance then you may be able to claim under the policy.

We are sorry for any disappointment.

What time to I have to come to Flame 2016 / What time do I need collecting?

In the downloads section is a schedule setting out arrival and departure times by subcamp. If you don't know which subcamp you are please ask your unit leader.

What do I need to bring to Flame 2016?

For participants you should receive a kit list via your leaders. If you mislay it there is another one on the downloads section of the website.

Staff need to bring their own tents, bedding and clothes as well as a water bottle and mug. The staff polo shirt colour is red so you may wish to bring other red t-shirts or guiding / general camp t-shirts are fine as well.

When will I hear whether I have been allocated a parking permit?

Emails and letters with parking permits have been sent out on 1 July 2016. If you have not received yours please contact us. You DO NOT need a permit to drop someone off at Flame.

I have been contacted for an activity consent or a camp consent but my friend hasn't - why is this?

Camp consent - We have nearly everyone's parental consent (under 18s only) recorded in our system from when you originally applied to come to camp. A handful however did not record properly so we have been contacting people individually to request this permission.

Activity consent - We have nearly everyone's parental consent (under 18 participants only) recorded in our system for activities from May/June time. We are just contacting the very last few outstanding ones to get them in our system before you arrive at camp.

If you have been contacted for both, please respond to both requests. Thanks!

How do I get hold of lost property?

Please check the downloads page for a photo of the lost property. If you need to check on something or arrange to collect something please email It is being held 5 miles east of Foxlease where the camp was held. The deadline for collection is 30 September.